Project Description

The Watkins family entered the wine industry in 1997 when David and Ros Watkins planted their first vineyard in South Australia. In 2019, there was an opportunity to start selling their premium wine from these vineyards directly to consumers, which saw the start of the Watkins label.

Sam Watkins, as Head Winemaker, has spent over 15 years training and refining his palate. His specialisation focuses on unlocking the optimal expression of variety from the cool climate premium fruit produced on the Watkins’ vineyards.

Watkins are the new wave of serious winemakers with numerous accolades awarded to their wines right from the first year of the brand’s existence including wine show trophies. Ben, Sam and Jo as the next generation look forward to continuing on this path of creating modern, juicy styles of wine with rock solid dependability.

This is fresh winemaking born from winemaking excellence.

Winery: Watkins
Region: Langhorne Creek, SA
Winemaker: Sam Watkins

59 Grants Gully Road, Chandlers Hill SA 5159
Phone: 0458 832 998